Google Glass is back!

What do you think if your eye glass helps you do your day to day task more effective and efficiently? Sounds cool, rightYes, I am talking about well known smart glass in the world the Google Glass.
The Google Glass project was started in the year 2012 and the project announce as the “Project Glass”. It was coming with some cool features that makes everyone’s mind blowing those days. The project was growing day by day and released to the public. This glass was a smart device and it was easy to control. After some time Project Glass meets some bad time. The project had to stop because of some device issues and privacy issues. So in year 2015 Google Glass project was shut down and it makes the Google fans sad.

It’s Back

In this year the company x from the Google’s company network reboot the project with many more new features. This time the device is working more sharp and came is improved hardware features. And the outside of the device is even match perfectly for the hard use. Google Glass new version is working for voice command, touch command and some buttons. It came with an improved camera and microphone for video and photography. This will also help you in navigating directions , answer calls and read / send text messages by connecting to your smart phone, do video or photography with voice commands, Fast battery life and much more cool and useful features in day to day life.
Google Glass shows its display to the user eye same as the user sees like in a 25 inches real world display and its shows like the display is 8 feet far away from the eye.  So its ensure the compatibility for the user this time.

Google Glass Features

This Google Glass also helps you do the google search and connect with google hang out easily. The glass starts it functions with voice command “OK Glass”. So as an example, if you want to record a video with the new Google Glass 2017, you should say “OK Google” first and then use a simple command “Record video”. To the get the direction use “OK Glass” -> “Get Directions”. So the voice commands are simple as like that.

So I guess you feel this Glass is much more helpful in day to day life. But because of the issues this project gets when it ran last time. This time Google Glass didn’t release to the public for public purpose. It’s released to some selected companies for the company purpose. Maybe in future This cool device will also available to the public with more secure methods and protected privacy. Let’s keep the hope.



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