Guppy Fish care basics and important tips

Cute Little Aquarium fish.

I believe each and every Aquarium lovers have an idea about what is a Guppy fish. And many of aquarium beginners adding this cute little fish in their tanks since they easy to care and comes with eye catching colors and various patterns. This post is also for aquarium people. If you are an aquarium lover, you may also love to read my post about aquarium snail types. In this post i am going to talk some details about aquarium Guppy Fish.

Basics about Guppy Fish

Guppy is small kind fish which lives in freshwater world. The max size is closer to about 1 inch. Even this one is a small fish, They come with various patters and color mixes that which makes attractive fish lovers. Some colors and patterns which guppy fish having is very hard to find in any other fish species.

Guppy fish is easy to care and breed. And they are breeding fast as a quality fish if you put them in the correct conditions and in a matching environment. Most of the time the Male fish is looks more beautiful than the female one. And this fish is also very active, love to eat veggie foods and algae etc. They always love natural environment with plants and clean water. When talking about colors Guppy Fish also has some unique neon colors and patterns than the other fish.


With the look , colors and the patterns in the tail this fish comes with various types. You can check this video to most of common guppy types that we can see in freshwater aquariums. I also add this video after the post to get more clear idea. So you can most of the guppies got their specific guppy name by their patterns and colors. And most them have fancy colors.

This tropical fish lives in the water temperature in mid 70s minimum. And they very easy to care with some simple conditions. If you are about breed guppies you should provide some planted environment where baby fish can grow without any trouble from other fish or even from parent fish. I would suggest to separate female fish when their breeding time came and separate her from baby fish after birth. This fish directly giving birth for the baby fish, since they don’t lay eggs. So you don’t have to do about protecting eggs, but need to protect baby fish.

Like every freshwater fish, guppies also love to live in clean water. But they can live in unclean water (in some water conditions) sometimes. So if you are about keeping a guppy aquariums, or if you are thinking to add some to your current aquarium make sure you keep the water condition of your aquariums clean and its better to do a water change a certain amount of time.


The next thing which fish you can add to a guppy tank. Basically, this small fish if not harm to any other fish. But sometimes other fish can get guppy as their dinner. So its better to add guppy fish Mollys, Platies and Gouramis etc.  They will live together without any trouble in you tank and probably make your fish tank more attractive.

Below I added a video about Most Popular Guppy types in the world. Please note that some names can be different with the region you are living in. So if you like mention anything or if you need to know something more that not include in this post, please add a comment below I am happy to help you. Thanks for reading, let’s meet with another new post soon.



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