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Alright, this post may helpful for you, if you are using smart devices such as your smartphone, iPod, etc. We all know when we buy a Smart Device  we will get original accessories. So with most of the devices you will get a charger, original charging + data transfer cable and the earphones. So what if you break any of your accessories or if you lost them? Definitely you will go to the shop and try to buy it from the some brand right?

The problem starts there. Most of major brands only sell their accessories in their official stores. So if you don’t have an official store, you just buy one from any place that you can find it in  the same brand. The issue here is there are so many fake items from all major brands these days. For an example, if you try to find a Samsung item in your local store, 97% there is a chance that you will get a fake product that looking same as the original product.

Yes with the fake products you will not get the original experience. So you may think, OK, this cable charge my smartphone very slow but anyway, it’s charge my phone so i will use it. But the worst thing is most of fake products damage your devices more when you use it more. So using a fake charging cable or a charger will destroy your battery soon. So what we do if we loss our original accessories ? Need to fly made in the country to buy one? :p Nope, there are two things you can do. Either you can use an original accessory for your family or a friend, or you can use accessories  from one famous brand that writes below. Well, I haven’t used these all brands personally. But I choose some of the best reviews that I found from the customers and tech reviewers about this brand and some from my personal experience


Aukey is one of the top brand that gives you quality accessories for your smart devices. They have Fast/Quick chargers, Data sync cables, etc. The original Aukey products developed by quality standards. So they always try to give the quality same as the original product.

They ensure that these products will not damage your smart devices. Items in this brand is not much expensive. But not that much cheaper since their price include there value. Well, you can buy Aukey items using online shopping stores like Aliexpress, Ebay, Gearbest etc. Most of the time I try to buy from the official store in Aliexpress. Visit Aukey official website for more information.


BlitzWolf also provides top quality product always. This brand is so famous between tech reviewers since BlitzWolf always gives high priority to the quality of the products. You can also buy top quality smart accessories  by this brand.

You can buy data sync cable, travel chargers, etc as a replacement for your original accessories . They also ensure they safety of your device through the quality of their products. Same as other brands you can buy item from this brand from the Online official stores. Visit BlitzWolf official website for more information.


I haven’t used Orico products personally yet. But find out many people over the world love this brand. You can buy Orico accessories From most of online stores and local stores. As I found out they also provide a quality product that works fine with both android and IOS platforms.

You can visit and check more at their official store in Aliexpress.


This brand is also very famous for providing 3rd party accessories for mobile devices. They provide their best quality products for most of the devices and OS platforms. Rock products, such as quick chargers, Wireless charging docks are very famous among smartphone users these days. So you may also can try this brand. And again, I’m recommend to buy from a official store .

You have many experience about these brands and more brands that not listed here. Please share your experience and thoughts in the comments section. Thanks


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