The most waited upcoming movies in 2018

This will be an interesting post to the movie lovers. As we know 2018 will be an awesome year since so many waited movies are ready to be released. So in this post I am going to talk about some most waited movies (with release date) which going to release in 2018. All right, let’s begin.

Upcoming Movies in 2018

Avengers : Infinity War ( May 4, 2018 )

This is the next movie of the Marvels Avenger series. You will see all Avengers fight together for a common enemy to protect the world in this movie. As we know so far this will come with many actions and super hero fights. So this will be a best for comic fans.

Watch Official Trailer here

Tomb Rider ( March 16, 2018 )

Tomb rider latest movies will be released on 2018. This movie also contains lot of adventure scene seem like the other Tomb rider movies.

Watch Official Trailer here

Aquaman ( December 21, 2018 )

This is the solo movie for the aquaman which came in the justice league. This movie is also a in the action, super hero movie category.

Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom ( June 22, 2018 )

If you are a fan of Jurassic Park movie series, you know that Jurassic World came as a reborn movie from the Jurassic Park series. The first movie of Jurassic World was very successful and second movie will be released for you in 2018.

Watch Official Trailer here

Maze Runner – The Death Cure ( January 26, 2018 )

This is the next movie of the Maze Runner movie series. So this is 3rd Maze Runner movies and come as The Death Cure. As we know so far this movie also contains lot action than the old Maze Runner movies.

Watch Official Trailer here

BumbleBee ( December 28, 2018 )

If you are a fan of Transformer movie series, You who who is the BumbleBee is. Yes it’s his movie and its categorize as a an adventure and movie. Well, hope this will be fun.

Ant Man and the Wasp ( July 6, 2018)

Do you remember the tiny little super hero came with strange suit, who can control the ants from his mind. The is the second movie about the Ant Man. This is also from Marvels. And this time he got a partner.

Dead Pool 2 ( June 1, 2018 )

The is second movie of the funny hero (well yeah, we can say funny killer :P) the Death Pool. The first movie of the death pool becomes a success and we all wish a second movie for the death pool. So yeah, here it is.

Mission Impossible 6 ( July 27, 2018 )

I think there are no movie lover exist in the world who don’t know about the Mission Impossible Movies. This series is run very successfully with their last 5 movies and the 6 is coming up now. Sounds cool, right?

The Predator ( August 3, 2018 )

All right The Predator is back!. This is going to be an another super action movie, which is going to release in the year 2018. This will be good news for action movie lovers.


So in this post we add awesome 10 movies that going to release in the year 2018. There are more movies that we can add to this most weighted list, but for now I just selected these 10 movies since most of them are the latest versions of the old movies that we love.

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