OnePlus 6: rumors

OnePlus becomes one of a major brand of the world smartphone industry. They always guarantee the best performance with their high-end devices. That’s why they called as flagship killers. 1+ 1 was the startup of  the 1+ Golden era of OnePlus  mobile industry. It was an awesome mobile phone came with very useful feature on time. OnePlus 1 cover the mobile phone market easily because of its quality performance. People were loving to have the phone since it was really a flagship killer as it says

Versions of the OnePlus

After oneplus 1,  the year 2014 they released their second flagship killer as OnePlus 2. It was a good improvement of onePlus devices. 1+ 2 came with quality camera, 4GB Ram and also with a high performance CPU. Basically the OnePlus 2 beat most of the smartphone that released in the same year with sharp and quality performance itself. One plus 2 also had a great built quality.

After the one plus 2, They released OnePlus 3 and 3T as there next smartphones. 3 and 3T both came same year, but in different periods. OnePlus 3T was an improved version of the 3 but both devices are come with a super performance. 3T specially got some camera improvements and good CPU performance when compare with the one plus 3. but both devices are come with super quality.

The next Flagship killer was the OnePlus 5. This mobile Phone came in the year 2017 with a bit different style. One plus was also a name itself a flagship killer. It has many camera improvements than the 3 and 3T and also came with great battery life.

OnePlus 6

Now the time came.Its about One Plus 6. There is no much confirmed information for this device yet but some details as like camera, RAM, ROM are in the air these days. We try to share information to you as far as we know. The design is not yet 100% confirmed so the Image in here is just for reference and its conceptual design of the 1+ 6. This smartphone about to come with a 21MP camera, 8GB RAM and 128 – 256 GB storage. The release date yet, not confirmed but thinking with the other OnePlus smart phone release dates the best bet for the released date is June-July 2018. But still, it’s just a bit..

As we know so far the One plus will be come with a better audio experience than the other OnePlus devices. The 3.5 audio could be still there for this device.. And they said the battery will be a last long. When thinking about the batteries if the smartphone devices OnePlus 6 maybe will come with more than or closer 3900 mah battery. But it’s not confirmed yet. There are still hope for the under display (or in display) Fingerprint scanner. The device is about to come with a water resistance design and with an affordable price. As we know there will be a micro SD card slot also. So you may can extend the storage even 6 come with a super storage capacity. When talk about the screen its about to come with a QHD screen and a optic AMOLED display. The display size will be 5.8 in conceptual designs and also come with corning gorilla glass 5 protection. One plus also will be come with Android 8.0 and yes its confirmed 🙂 .

Same as OnePlus 5. Its will also get dual SIM dual standby feature. Most probably this this will get Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Chipset and Adreno 540 GPU. And the device still can come with the dual cameras The front camera will be 16MP for the one plus 6. In concepts it says this device may contain 2 front cameras.. Who knows 🙂 but it’s a great news.

This is all we got about the OnePlus 6 so far. The details in this post may be same as it is in the near future or may can change because its still all about the conceptual OnePlus 6. But so far we know one thing definitely. This device will be also a Flagship Killer itself.

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