Top 7 Aquarium Snails for your Snail collection

Aquarium Snails

Aquariums become one of a useful item in home decorations. Having an attractive aquarium with various fish, Aquarium Snails and also Axolotl make your home look more natural and attractive. Most of people keeping aquariums as their hobbies today. Now a day,In the pet shops we can find various kind freshwater and marine water fish that we can add to our home aquariums.

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Having turtles, Axolotl and aquarium Snails make our fish tanks more attractive. Aquarium Snails coming with various color patterns and shapes. They also have some specific know names. So in this post I’m going to talk about 7 kinds of aquarium snail types that earn love by aquarium lovers. I will not add pics to this article Buy you can see the video below for getting more info about this snail.

Apple Aquarium Snail

This aquarium Snail type is very famous between snail lovers. They easy to find and come with cheap price in aquarium pet shops. Apple Snails come in various colors. This Snail type is easy to care. This aquarium type makes your fish tank more colorful while cleaning the tank algae. This aquarium snail type is not suitable for small tanks since it’s getting bigger than other kind of aquarium snails.

Apple snail also plant lovers. So if you have planted aquarium, adding more Apple snails may ruin your aquarium. So its best thinking about the limit when adding aquarium snails to your fish tank. This snail typing laying many eggs and growing fast. You can mostly see common redpink or orange, apple snails in aquarium shops

Horned Nerite  Snail

This type is also famous among aquarium lovers mostly since of the shape of them. They have multiple dark horns  from their shell. By that these aquarium snail types can easily identifyTo comment this snail has a yellow color shell and black tracks around it. This snail type also a good algae eater and mostly using in outdoor ponds, but also nice for inside aquariums

This snail type also knows as  ‘tidal snail’ in some regions. The max size about 1 inches and they blackish water lovers. They also breed in blackish water aquariums. This kind is not but easy to breed but not impossible also. The horned Nerite aquarium snail will be a good addition to your aquarium.

Ramshorn Aquarium Snail

This snail type also a good algae eater and a good pet which most suitable with ponds. They have a light color shell and sometimes comes with various patterns on the shell. This aquarium snail also use as tank cleaner since they eat algae as well as not eaten foods.

This Snail type can easily identified by  both tentacles coming out from the top of its head.  Adult snails have a hard surface shell and active attributes. Ramshorn snail also comes with several types. But mostly can see in common, and red types.

Tracked Nerite  Snail

This snail type is at  a tropical freshwater species of aquarium snail. This snail type is a good glass cleaner for your aquarium. They love to eat algae which grows in your aquarium glasses. Tracked Nerite snail also knows as ” Ruby Nerite snails”. They have an orange color big shell with black tracks around i

They grow up to 1 inches size and love to eat veggie foods. This snail type also commonly breeds in blackish water tanks. This aquarium snail type is more suitable in 7 gallons or higher tanks. They will be a good tank cleaner for your home aquarium.

Zeebra Nerite Snail

This is one of a Nerite Snail species. This aquarium snail is also one of an attractive snail in home aquariums. They can easily identified by black and gold (yellow) strips running in their shells. They grow max size about 1 inches and extremely popular between snail lovers.  This snail can easily keep with non aggressive fish and shrimps.

This snail also can leave some amount of time out of water. Zebra Nerite Snails like to eat algae and sometimes they need some specific supplement foods. They are also good glass cleaners for your home aquarium.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail

A small snail with a cone shaped shell. They are also known as  “Burrowing Snails”. This snail is suitable for planted tanks and quickly reproduce. Malaysian Trumpet Snail has an elongated shell that resembles a sugar cone. If there is a right condition and environment this snail can live about one year.

This snail can live in small tanks as like  5 – 10  gallons. They like to eat uneaten fish food, fish flakes, pellets, and algae wafers as their foods.

Sulawesi Snail

This aquarium snail is another type of most attractive snail in home aquariums. They comewith various eye catching colors and patterns. The shell grows about 2 cm to 12 cm. This snail type if one of a large snail in freshwater tanks. And in some country, its very hard to find this snail in aquarium shops. So this is one of the rare snail in freshwater tanks.

Since they are very peaceful you can keep them with any other fish. This snail is growing to4 inches when they become an adult snail. Sulawesi snails love to eat algae, plant, and invertebrate pellets.


Hope you may find interesting snail in your fish tank. They make your tank clean and more natural. Watch the below video to see how they look like.



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